Private Piano & Voice Instruction  


  • Music study enhances the ability to do well in school.
  • Music study enhances school readiness, fine motor control, use of symbol systems, following directions, concentration, memory, perseverance, visual and aural discrimination, organizational skills, task completion, and goal setting.
  • Music study encourages abstract thought and stimulates right-brain activities--synthesis, creativity, intuition, and innovation--skills that are not covered adequately by the school curriculum.
  • Music study develops attention span and concentration level.
  • Music study builds self-esteem and develops initiative.

*Confirmed by research findings conducted by Dr. Frances Rauscher of the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Gordon Shaw of the University of California.

Shannon helps develop these skills in her students by using the following techniques:

  • Group musicianship classes
  • Assigned study pieces
  • Music theory
  • Piano/Voice technique
  • Sight-reading/singing
  • Ear training
  • Memorization
  • Technology







Shannon's Studio Pianos

Yamaha 48" Mark III Series Upright Disklavier
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Yamaha 45" Professional Collection Acoustic Upright Piano
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